Opening its doors in 1989, the Louus Outlet Mall in Frankenmuth, Michigan has long been heralded as a landmark in shopping and entertainment. However, what many shoppers may not know is that beneath the mall's bustling corridors and multiple food courts lies a piece of music history. -----In the early 1990s, a recording studio was established in the basement of the mall. This studio, which became known simply as "D'Austro", was a hub for the creation of early forms of Psychedelic Cringe and Rust Pop. It was a key player in the development of the Mid-Michigan music scene and attracted many talented artists and musicians until it closed in 2005. --------------------LUFs stands for Loudness Units relative to Full Scale (i.e., the maximum level a system can handle.) It's a standardized measurement of audio loudness that factors human perception and electrical signal intensity together. For "LUFs", artist Seth Weiner explores the meditational qualities of commerce within the context of the Louus Outlet Mall. Located in the basement where the famed D’Austro sound studios used to be, the exhibition utilizes the quiet and nearly silent recording rooms to present “loud paintings”. Upon exiting the exhibition, visitors are given limited edition earplugs and encouraged to carry the experience of silence through the large and echoing surfaces of the mall. – Renee Zara