I often catch myself running my finger around my phone when the screen is off. Moving the grease around its glass surface, looping it, creating patterns then wiping it away. Pondering the materiality of the screen. Recently, I read in a GDPR clause about privacy that you have the ‘right to be forgotten’ and can ‘make a request for erasure verbally or in writing’. This line makes me smile because we work so hard to be remembered. ---------------------------Imagine how horrible life would be if anytime you spoke it was recorded and played back immediately. Painting is that kind of purgatory. It’s frustrating because it has such a good memory. Marks don’t just disappear after some time; you have to work to erase them.---------------------------lossy.club started when I was researching ways to draw in the browser, collaging together code until I realized I could create a line with duration. Behaving a bit like sound, some of the screens are built for the finger, others feel much better with a mouse. Some feel as if they’re almost heat sensitive, others feel like markers. All of them are made of lines that forget.