A sprawling artistic research project in the form of an online intervention, a written essay and an artist book, Vaporous Evening Dresses grew from questions about the rise and aftereffects of National Socialism on the Palais des Beaux Arts Wien and its Jewish inhabitants. ----Using a 1929 edition of Chic Parisien that was produced at the Palais, backgrounds from fashion illustrations were translated into sculptural models made from paper. Marking a transition in spatial settings, the subjects of this issue’s illustrations become the inhabitants of increasingly abstract and fragmented tableaux. The figures lean upon frames and openings, stepping in and out of spatial elements while interacting with the flatness of the page. By constructing an impossible architecture, the images also build impossible social interfaces.  ------------In previous issues of Chic Parisien, place was offered up as a location with an accompanying template of behavior: coffee houses, balls, processional staircases, rolling landscapes. Leaving location behind, place becomes something partial, vaporous, and present in the absence of itself.

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