Along with the rotating collective Gruppe Uno Wien, a spatial performance was made that asked visitors to pass through a series of rituals in order to belong to a temporary community. Questioning the role built form plays in the creation of social formations, the geometry of the gallery was re-sequenced to underline how easily divisions can be made and the absurdity of their enforcement. ____First, the performance asked that you eat a risotto ice cream cone in the office of the gallery, pass through a station where wizard hats (Schultüte) were being made to order, then, if these rites of passage had been met, you could enter the interior of the gallery where a sculpture framed a triple-armed turntable that was open to any willing DJ. While these rituals provided a temporary sense of belonging, the space created a view onto those who'd already joined: through the glass door of the storefront, you could see the members of the party, their hats peeking above the top of the sculpture, which blocked access to entering it unless you passed through the stations. By the end of the opening, the fleeting condition of belonging was highlighted as bodies and boundaries dissolved into the haze of a fog machine.