Space is a doubt that we are constantly attempting to mark. It slips away with time, melting through our fingers just as we find a name for it. We color it, describe it with lines, trade it as data. We borrow it, pollute it, speculate upon its futures. We designate it as territory by planting ourselves in it, inscribing it with intention.----------------------------------------------In some ways maps are the most accessible way of visualizing a political imaginary by neatly ordering our bodies in relation to the lines they draw. It's no wonder that most images of war begin with a group of men hunched over this schematic, reordering territory in hopes of accumulating power, resources, or sublime panoramas.-----------------------------------------------------------------A map makes it possible to claim that I am here, but it’s also an easy way to understand where you aren't. ---------------------For the 2019 Montafon Summer Activities Map (2019 Aktivkarte Sommer Montafon), a sequence of ten lookout points along the hiking paths of both the Hochjoch and Nova Mountain ranges have been designated as Monuments to Antiracism. Each vista orients the gaze toward moments where the scale of the landscape becomes monumental, even as the infrastructure remains visible. Through the simple act of renaming, land is transformed from matter into a political ground plane.