All art galleries and museums should change the logic of their viewing hours. Instead of using business hours as the basis for long, continuous and uninterrupted viewing times they should be confused with other systems that are more erratic, require waiting, and interrupt the experience often enough to be frustrating. They should function like trains, departing and arriving more or less on schedule while never actually moving.

LA is a series of striated zones, separated strips of cultural intensities functioning with specific social codes, allegiances and political boundaries: Hasidic then Academic then Stoner then Salvadorian then Surfer then Korean then Hollywood then Thai then former Panther then Bros then Hipsters then Anywhere Movie Sets. Certain routes through the city make these distinctions seem blurry, gradual, even seamless. Other routes cross significant class and cultural zones, the differences tilting into relief through the shape of your car window. LA may share aspects of NYC's compact Cartesian grid, but its rhythm is more of a taffy, stretched over large swatches of land and experienced privately. NYC is notorious for its accessible public transit, running nearly non-stop and within manageable distances from most destinations. LA's sordid public transit does run somewhat regularly but not necessarily where you need it to.

or the duration of the re/spond /re/peat show I asked that the train schedule from the newly opened Los Angeles Metro’s Gold Line be used for the exhibition’s opening hours.