Using an institutional ‘kit of parts’ provided by Kunsthalle Exnergasse (KEX), I made a sequence of spatial arrangements that explored the performative role display plays within an exhibition. Because the show worked with the topic of open calls and used a discursive format, the arrangements were organized to simultaneously frustrate and accommodate the social and pragmatic needs of the events — roundtable discussions, artist talks, workshops, performances, opening and closing receptions, etc. Beginning with a clear sculptural figure that bisected the gallery, the display elements provided by KEX were reordered incrementally over the course of the exhibition, eventually fragmenting into more isolating and compact stagings. In the planning phase, I didn’t order the modular walls and pedestals with a specific function or service in mind; I thought of them as a field of sculptural possibilities that could be appropriated and treated as social propositions. In its actualization, the process of editing the space by using only what was provided became not only a negotiation with white rectangles, but also with the curators about the plasticity, performance and occupation of space.

Events - 11 11 15 (Speech) Opening 13 11 15 (Table Discussion / Translecture- Nikolaus Gansterer) The Call between Competition, Participation and Critical Re-Entry 17 11 15 (Workshop) A Proposal to Call? 27 11 15 (Lecture Performance - geheimagentur) Call &Response: Ein Wettbüro 01 12 15 (Artist Talk - Martin Beck) Modular Systems, Flexible Signs 11 12 15 (Workshop /Read-In) Manifesto for Maintenance Again! 18 12 15 (Speech) Closing